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BHHS Golden Agent Cecil Griffin’s Firewalk Breakthrough

“What’s impossible becomes possible.” This is the lesson our BHHS Golden Properties, Golden Agent took from his weekend with Tony Robbins at the ‘Unleash the Power from Within’ four day seminar.

“I wanted to learn something new,” Cecil said. There were people from all walks of life, it was unbelievable with 15,000 people in attendance from 71 countries.

Most of us are not fulfilled in life and that’s why the lesson of gratitude stood out to him the most.  

Much of the seminar focused on the mind, and taught people techniques to not allow the past control the future.

On day one, as Cecil walked into the seminar, he and the tens of thousands of attendees immediately saw the burning coals. It was on day one that attendees took a dive straight into preparing  to walk on fire. Cecil broke down the experience for those in the office this week. He said they learned about fear on the first day. This is a fundamental human lesson. Most people are afraid of two basic things according to Robbins: The first being, we’re not enough and the second fear is that we won’t be loved. He discovered that what controls our lives are the beliefs and values that we mentally create.

“Tony said your creator gave you everything you need. You’re unique. We get caught up with all the other garbage. That’s  why they make you do the fire walk on the first day, to make you realize you can handle a lot more than you think.”

That’s why that mental state was so important for the thousands of people that were about to walk over burning hot coals. It was all in the mind.

Q & A with Cecil Griffin

What would you say is the biggest lesson?

Not to live in fear. That the past does not equal your future unless you live there.

What is your day like?

I have a better focus on what I want out of live. People in the office notice a change in me. I have more energy, I am more alive.

Beside the fire walk what was a difficult challenge?

We did an exercise where we had to look at our un-empowering beliefs and patterns. To evaluate what they have cost us in our lives, with our families, our friends, our business, our jobs, etc…… Then we were ask to imagine what this would cost us if we were to continue these beliefs and patterns in the next 5 years, what it would look like in the next 10 years and then 20 years. This exercise was very powerful. This exercise brought up intense emotion. I had intense pain through out my body.

So Fire Walk, What was going through your mind?

On the way to the burning coals I said a pryer. “There is nothing in the seen or unseen that can harm me or make me fearful. For I am surrounded and engulfed by the great love of God”. Then I just focused on the picture I had created in my mind of what it would feel like once I completed my walk. The joy I would feel and how I going to celebrate.

What’s the purpose behind it?

It’s not about walking on fire. It’s about realizing the power within each one of us. That we are capable of more than we realize. With the right state of mind and focus we are capable of anything.

When you saw the coals what did you think?

I did not think about them, I just walked keeping my focus on the end result.

How Crazy is that?

It just shows how strong your mind is. I have always believed in mind over matter. Now I have proved it.

Here are some of the lessons learned during the seminar:

“The Ultimate Success Formula”

Know your outcome, look at what you want and know your reasons WHY. Take Massive action. Notice and evaluate yourself. Change your approach if you notice you’re not going the right way.

“The Power of Beliefs”

A belief is a feeling of certainty. You truly believe it,  so you’re certain about what something means.

“Beliefs of lasting success”

These are the three things you need to believe if you want lasting success:

1 – I must change now

2- I must change it now

3- I can change it now. Also, to remember that the past does not equal your future unless you live there.

“The Driving Force”

Most people fail to achieve their goals in life because they never take the first step. There are 5 simple steps to tap into the power of momentum. It’s about WHAT you do not about what you know.

1- Put yourself in a Peak state. So getting your body in a peak state. “That’s how we were able to walk across the coals.”

2- Find your passion. Find the values that fuel your drive, what you love, what you don’t like. FIND YOUR PASSION!

3- Decide, commit, resolve.

4- Take immediate intelligent and consistent massive action

5- Be smart. Be honest with yourself. Do a strategy check. Change it. Re-engineer it. Remain focused on it and strengthen it.

“The seven areas of consistent growth for an extraordinary life”

1- physical body

2- emotions and meanings

3- relationships

4- time management

5- work career and mission

6- finances

7- celebrate and contribute (spiritual sense)