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Hosting Holiday Guests in Limited Space

Hosting Holiday Guests in Limited Space

With more people working from home this year, space has become a priority, and what once may have been a rarely used guest room may now be an office or school room. What to do with the holidays coming and guests on their way to visit?

If it’s a working space, there may be little you can do to keep from working in it when you need to. But assuming a bed is still in the room, you can make sure this space becomes a cozy retreat for guests once your working hours are over.

Most guests don’t require much to make them feel at home. Here are seven tips to ensure your guest will feel both comfortable and welcome:

  1. Make Room in the Closet – It’s frustrating to live out of a suitcase, so be sure there is space in the closet—and empty hangers—even if it means cramming your own closet with seasonal garb during your guest’s visit.
  2. Add Fresh Flowers – Little makes a guest feel more welcome than being greeted with fresh flowers. Put a vase in the room—albeit a small one—with flowers purchased or from your garden.
  3. Set a Welcoming Bed – If the guest bed linens or comforter looks tired, this would be a good time to replace them.
  4. Keep Towels Handy – Some guests hesitate to ask for what they need. Stock a basket in the guest bedroom or bath with plenty of towels, plus extra soap and any accessories or cosmetics you think your guest may need.
  5. Provide Bedside Reading – Some people need to wind down before they can sleep. Stock the bedside with a few current magazines or books. If you’re not sure about your guest’s taste, leave a few you’ve read and enjoyed.
  6. Share the Wi-Fi Password – A guest who doesn’t get onto your wi-fi earlier may want it when settling down for the night. Leave the number prominently displayed in a note on the pillow.
  7. Provide Daytime Nap Space – If you’re working in the guest room by day and your guest is either elderly, has young children or is an avid napper, be sure they know the best space where they can enjoy a daytime snooze.