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Manager’s Corner: 8 personality traits New Real Estate Agents Master

In meeting with dozens of real estate agents each month every year, here are some traits that we here at BHHS Golden Properties have seen in the personalities of those agents who flourish.

Whether you have these traits or not, working toward it could be the first step in a positive business outlook and a positive return on investment.  

1- Motivated and high entrepreneurial spirit

Do you see yourself as an entrepreneur? Well if you don’t, start. When you make the decision to become a real estate agent you’re making the choice to run your own business. Your management team and brokerage is there for support, guidance, and to give you the tools you need to succeed. Ultimately it’s on the agent to be self-disciplined and motivated.

2- Good problem solver

We have agents at  our brokerage that look at real estate deals as problems to be solved. They educate themselves and are able to let their clients know of issues they foresee before they arise, and solve them in the time being.   

Either bounce back quick or learn from your mistakes. I list this second because I’ve seen agents give up after one two or even three alleged failures. The agents who flourish look at failure and say “NEXT! I’m now one step closer.” They keep moving forward. At @BHHSGoldenProperties we guide agents to stay focused on the overall goal and to see the big picture. Is this what you want? Then go for it. Do it!

3- Likability

 I’m not saying you need to MAKE every client like you but they should respect you and want to work with you again. Agents show that through their knowledge. Having that likeable personality goes a long way and sometimes that just comes with really listening to your client. When a client knows you’re listening they’ll like you more. It shows the agent cares.

Real Estate is a business of referrals. If someone trusted you and liked you, your business with that person doesn’t end when the deal closes, it never ends. They will become your biggest fan and continue to refer you. As an agent you will spend a lot of time with clients whether its representing the buyer and showing dozens of properties or

To combat that slouching some agents go back and forth from standing at their desk to sitting on a chair that encourages core strength.

4- Communicates well

In this day of text messaging, cell phones, emails and about a thousand other methods of communication, real estate agents must find the needs of their client and be able to communicate both verbally and in writing. You should explain important things in person or over the phone. You must be able to communicate and explain what to expect from clients because some may not or do not know the process. Over-communicating is okay. They’re making or selling a huge investment so be there to communicate and guide them openly and with confidence.

5- Professional Persona

An agent is a businessperson so they should look and dress the part. Looking the part is so important in the real estate business. This doesn’t mean one needs to sport a suit all the time, unless that is your style, but agents should be well groomed and look professional because they will  never know what first impression they’re leaving on someone who could have been a potential client.

6- Time Management

Need we say more? The most successful agents figure out how to be on top of their schedule and focus on all tasks in a timely manner.

7 – Self Starter

The business of real estate requires effort. The good thing is there is no ceiling on income, but to be successful agents need to know that this business takes a lot of work and effort. The best ones are prepared to save money for the roller coaster ride they’re about to embark on and embrace every victory.

8 – LOVE Your Career | Go out and Network
This a two part trait. You must love what you do for what you do to love you. Agents who are active in their community, volunteer groups, or religious organizations meet more people who can refer them business. Those agents who LOVE what they do network better. You can network all you want but you don’t love what you do are you going to be able to bring it up in conversation?

If you’re a realtor and would like advice please ask your questions in the comment section below. We love sharing our decades of Real Estate business and coaching experience to help guide. To find homes and learn more about BHHS Golden Properties check out www.BHHSGoldenProperites.com.