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Real Tips: School Season Supply Shopping

Real Tips: School Season Supply Shopping

School is back or almost back in session!

@BHHSGoldenProperties team has put together a list to help parents approach the back-to school shopping season with a plan! We hope it helps save money by avoiding buying last minute items and things your children won’t really need.


Every parent knows their kids snack habits so it’s a good idea stock up on their favorites soon!

Some common items to have handy:

Juice boxes

Reusable water bottle

Sandwich ingredients like lunch meats, veggies, or peanut butter and jelly.

Snack items: Applesauce, yogurt, string cheese, raisins, baby carrots, crackers, pretzels & granola bars.

School Supplies:

It’s a good idea to contact your child’s school before the start, for a list of back to school supplies. Generally here is what you can expect to buy.

A pack of spiral notebooks


Box of pencils and pens

Coloring/art supplies (markers, colored pencils, scissors, glue sticks).





Hair ties/clips

Some schools may require students to bring their own locks for lockers.


This varies with age/gender/whether they wear uniforms and how often you do laundry, but here is a general idea.

Two to Five pairs of jeans

Several long sleeved tops

Several short sleeved tops

At least two hoodies

At least two pairs of pants and/or skirts

Socks leggings and tights


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