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Should You Sell Your Home With Furniture Included?

Should You Sell Your Home With Furniture Included?

If you’re selling your home and plan to move far away or downsize, or if you just want to make a fresh start, including furniture with the sale of the house could be the solution. However, prospective buyers might or might not be interested in a furnished home, depending on their own circumstances.

Why Buyers Might Want a Furnished Home

First-time buyers who struggled to save enough money for a down payment and closing costs may be happy to avoid the additional expense of buying new furniture. If a buyer plans to use your house as a vacation home or a second residence, that person may be more inclined to purchase furniture with the house, rather than spend time and money buying new furniture for an entire house that’ll only be used part-time. Sometimes buyers want a furnished house because they need to move quickly to start a new job and want to make the process as seamless and convenient as possible.

Would Buyers Want Your Furniture?

If the furnishings are modern, stylish and in good condition, people may fall in love with the whole atmosphere and decide to purchase the house as is.

If the furniture is dated and worn, buyers probably won’t be interested in keeping it.  Unless they’re on a tight budget, are upgrading from a much smaller home, or are in a rush to move in.

If you decide to offer furniture with the sale of the house, you and your real estate agent should decide on two prices for the house–furnished and unfurnished. Leave the decision up to buyers.

You might also decide to set prices for individual pieces of furniture and let buyers purchase what they want.

If you sell your furniture with the house, don’t expect to get nearly what you paid for it.

Furniture, like most things, depreciates with time. Buyers may also think they’re doing you a favor by taking the furniture off your hands and negotiate a lower price than you requested. Many lenders won’t include the cost of furniture in a mortgage, so you may need to sell the furniture in a separate transaction.

Let Buyers Decide

Some homebuyers welcome the ease and convenience of buying a furnished home, while others prefer to bring or buy their own furniture. It will come down to the appearance and quality of your furniture and the needs and preferences of specific buyers. Your real estate agent can answer your questions and offer advice.