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Surprising Home Items You Should Buy at the Dollar Store

Between decorating, organizing, cleaning and general home maintenance, keeping a home requires an investment. With so many expenses to address, it is always exciting when a bargain comes along. This helpful list of home items surprisingly comes straight from what is likely available at your local dollar store.

Command Brand Strips
If you’ve ever rented, these tiny hooks were likely your go-to solution for hanging everything from handbags to canvas prints. And while they are perfect for renters who have damage-free requirements, they are also ideal for homeowners who have no interest in marring their walls. Command hooks are extremely versatile and avoid the holes caused by nail, screw or thumb tacks.
Removable Wall Decals
Removable wall decals are a simple-but-damage-free way to bring a little extra pizazz to a space. While they can’t boast about being the highest standard for wall art, they are ideal for a kid or tween’s room. While you might expect to pay big bucks for character-themed decals, there is a chance your child can decorate their room with decals from your local dollar store, featuring vibrant flowers, fun sayings or their favorite character. Depending on when you go looking, you are likely to find something fun.
Plastic Organizers
The dollar store is an ideal spot to find plastic organizers. You might naturally be inclined to go to a store that specializes in office supplies the next time you need to organize your desktop or you may find yourself wandering into your favorite beauty store to purchase a makeup organizer, but you would be paying far more than needed. Chances are, what you need is already at your local dollar store for, you guessed it, a dollar.
Whether you are in need of mason jars or wine glasses, the dollar store has you covered when it comes to glassware. Stop by the next time you find yourself in need of a few new glassware items and are tempted to pay a fortune at a kitchen store. This is especially helpful if you live in a house with children or clumsy roommates. If a dollar store mug happens to break, no harm, no foul.