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Real Tips: 5 Things to Do on a Rainy Day

Real Tips: 5 Things to Do on a Rainy Day

#LARain is trending on twitter today as people in Los Angeles brave the wet weather. Let’s be real, we’re not used to too many rainy days. When it’s cold and wet outside and you don’t want to be bothered to leave the house, here are some ideas beyond television binging to keep you busy on rainy days.

1- Exercise

This may be the last thing on your mind on a rainy day when you want to cuddle up on the couch and do absolutely nothing, but getting the blood pumping is a great was to release endorphins and not allow the rainy day blues to kick in. YouTube has tons of free body weight workouts or dig into your DVD’s to find a find a short fun workout to keep yourself busy.

2- Cook, Cook, Cook

Do you ever wonder when you’ll have time to meal-prep? Why not get a couple crock pot recipes going and turn on the oven and burners to prepare meals to stock up your freezer. You’ll be grateful to have meals on the go on days you want to head outside and spend less time in your home.

3- Water your Indoor Plants

While your outdoor plants are getting all the love, don’t neglect the indoor ones. Take care of the indoor plants today. This won’t take too much of your time but it’ll keep you occupied and productive for a few minutes.

4- Play with your pets/ Keep them dry

Your pets will appreciate indoor activity. Keep them dry when possible and lay out lots of towels to keep your home clean.

5 – Organize

This is a popular one. Is your jewelry box out of order? Are your socks not paired up? What about the catch-all drawer? Take the opportunity to get your home in order because you won’t want to do this on a day where the sun is calling you out.  

You’ve  taken care of your mind, body and home enjoy the feeling of productivity and go ahead, binge watch those shows  (no-judgement).  Enjoy the rainy day!